Saturday, June 24, 2017

⭐⭐COVER REVEAL⭐⭐ Finding Kylie

Here it is!

My cover was done by the amazing Jen Brignola at Bibliophile Productions​ and I love it so much.

Finding Kylie will be released on October 2nd, 2017.

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Here is another excerpt and the links to two others already shared!

“So you still have the dreams?” he asks soothingly, while stroking the top of her hand with his thumb. He decided moments ago to sit close to her because he wanted…no…needed to feel her warmth. Everything about her comforts him and he only hopes that he does the same for her. “Yes,” she sighs, squeezing his other hand tightly. “I don't think they'll ever fully go away and sometimes,” she pauses, “sometimes they just feel so real. Like I'm right there with her being attacked, feeling everything she felt and it scares the shit out of me.” “I’m sorry. I wish that…” He stops himself before telling her the truth. Shit. I almost told her… There is just something about this woman that makes him want to divulge everything, his life. his family, anything she wants to know. However now isn’t the time. He suspects that she might be having the same issue only her filter isn’t apparently as strong as his. The need to be open and honest with her is completely crazy since they barely know each other, but it’s as if it’s just meant to be.

Click on the links below for other excerpts.

Excerpt 2

Excerpt 3


From the moment I saw her I knew she was mine, but there was just one problem.
She was a job. A means to an end.
But she didn't know that.
I should have let her be but I couldn't. I had to have her and I would. Forces beyond my control wanted to tear us apart, but I promised myself that I wouldn't let that happen.
Not with her. Not ever.

She'd been missing for five years and it was all my fault.
I was close to saving her until he came into the picture.
I was a goner the moment he touched me, but I can't shake the feeling that he's hiding something important. Something life changing.
I only hope whatever this is between us doesn't hurt me; I'll never survive the pain if he's the cause.

Finding Kylie
© 2017 by Krystyna Allyn
Release: October 2, 2017

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